Can you make yourself more lucky?
Can you make yourself more lucky?

I've been reading about luck a bit lately. It's a subject close to my heart as a magician (and I was in a film called Get Lucky!) – because luck, like magic, is a powerful belief for a lot of people. But some folk definitely seem to lead charmed lives while others are struck with blow after blow. So is there anything you can do to improve your chances in life? How do you 'get lucky'? 

There are various theories on it, but one suggestion that comes up a lot is that lucky people put themselves into more situations and are better at spotting opportunities once they're there. Life's gems don't just 'come to you', they come to those who maximise 'chance' occurrences, network, are open to new things and spotting and capitalising on interesting stuff all around them. 

Lucky people are also good at trusting their instincts and hunches. They tend to listen to that quiet 'inner voice' and believe in its reliability, rather than letting other voices and influences drown it out. They also push themselves into varied and unpredictable situations – because they expect life to treat them well.

Unlucky people, on the other hand, might be lacking in the confidence to believe in themselves enough to make all those things happen. So in a way, I suppose what I'm saying is: increase your confidence, increase your luck!