The scientists that get inside your dreams
The scientists that get inside your dreams

As a magician I'm obviously already pretty good at reading people's minds, but it's nice to see science steadily making progress in the areas where we've been experts for years.

It turns out researchers in Japan have worked out a way of reading people's dreams.

Volunteers' brains were scanned as they slept, and every so often they would be woken up and asked what they'd been dreaming about. Yes, it was kind of the world's most irritating study. These being dreams, most subjects reported everyday experiences with a weird twist, but the researchers managed to come up with some broad and ordinary categories – 'car', 'computer' etc. Not, you know, marshmallow clouds and lolly-pop faced postmen.

Anyway, photos were made for each category, and the volunteers had their brains scanned again, while they viewed the images. They then matched these brain pictures to the next round of scans – with amazing 75-80% accuracy! 

Now, the question is: do you want people to know that much about you? (Well, you like magic... you know that's what we do, right?)