How to win any quiz
How to win any quiz

Everyone knows you need mates with a good spread of interests for the best quiz team – a sporty one, a cultured one, etc. But according to this thing I was reading this morning, it looks like might be worth having a good spread of ages present, too. 

Young people can be very useful in these situations. If there's a picture round, ask a mate who hasn't yet seen their 30th birthday to join you – our memory for faces peaks at that early age so they should be able to tell their Katy Perry from their Zooey Deschanel, no problem. 

Bring the youngest person you can: there's a reason most of us do all our book-learning at school... after that point, according to these researchers, our ability to record new facts fades fast. Plus, if it's a pub quiz, you should always ask a young person to get the rounds in! 'Working' memory (keeping track of everyone's orders) deteriorates in our forties.

You need some seniors too, though – our general knowledge doesn't peak till we're almost 60! So what do you think? Are you part of a quiz team with a good spread of ages? Who's the best at Trivial Pursuit in your family? Who gets the rounds in?! Let me know!